Dave Ngo


When shooting people I leave my light work up to chance but my composition is of skill. Not unintentional, I hunt for opportunity. This leaves only one variable so my end work is different from other photographers. Each end result will be unique using light casually since I don't consider a lack of it a short coming or at all limiting. Thus, my style is characteristic and my method is custom, but not at all particular. Hard lighting and intimidating contrast; my work is clean. I use light like a scalpel.

Though when it comes to experience and expertise, technical lighting like still life is where I make myself distinct. I've spent over four years apprenticing under acclaimed world famous ad-photographers who have taught me their mastery to such a degree, I have been able to incorporate it into my own. I work very well under pressure and can handle significant task working inside of a studio environment. As far as I've learned and have been educated, I desire more experience. I want to absorb as much as possible while producing pleasing work for others as well as myself. My work and ethics are a reflection of me which is usually seated on the edge of any situation, I just don't find the situation nearly as interesting unless I have an opportunity to leave the edges. 

Published: V, Vmag, Antenna
Clients: Entree Clothing, folksylove, IROLLNY, ROSSIETSY


  • Still life
  • portraiture
  • archival
  • basic beauty and still life retouching. Minor and


  • Phase 1
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • Cyberduck
  • Bridge and most minor camera software. All current